Sunday, 3 February 2013

Exclusive WIP from Alec Vol 4

Just a little something to wet the appetite of hardened Alec fans ;P

... And because I miss him too 


Bradley jumped up from his desk with a Cheshire cat grin when Alec turned the corner. “You’re four o’clock is waiting in your office, Alec.”
“I didn’t know I had a four o’clock. Aren’t we clear until Monday? I thought tomorrow was booked out for review and Wilson was my last today.”
“It was a last minute thing.”
“I don’t have any.”
“Well where did he come from?”
“He said he was given a recommendation. Sorry, I know I should have found out more but…” Bradley shrugged. Fuck. All he needed was another uberclass numpty that thought Alec should be able to create millions from a few lousy grand.
“You will pay for it if I end up looking like a nob. Name? Oh, never mind.” It wasn’t often Brad fucked up. Actually, this was the first time. Alec straightened his tie and jacket, practised his fake smile and opened the door.
Oh, very sweet. Very sweet indeed. Alec took a moment to roll up his tongue and wipe the drool from his chin. A vision in navy glided across the room to meet him, all dark eyes, dark hair and perfect skin that paled, even against the crisp white shirt. There was a hint of something oriental in his build and features. No more than five-nine, narrow but firm looking. Worth the last minute booking, Brad would get a reward later.  
“Alec Caldwell,” the young man said, holding out his hand. “I’m Damien.”
No last name. Fair enough. Alec shook his hand. “Alec, please. I don’t think we’ve met before. What can I do for you?”
“I understand you have a very special kind of business.” Damien placed his manicured hand against Alec’s chest and slipped it up to his shoulder. Oki doki. Not the usual introduction. Alec took a couple of steps back and his calves butted the sofa. Damien followed closely and pushed him, smiling when Alec plopped onto the seat behind. The suit was expensive, he had the look of a successful young urbanite but there was something very raw about him. Raw and just a little dangerous. He sat astride Alec’s lap and caught hold of his suit jacket. “I’m here on business of sorts.”
“Not the sort I’m used to, by the look of it.” Alec tried to reason with himself that this wasn’t a good idea but damn, the guy was hot and literally throwing himself on the altar of Alec’s colossal sex drive. It would be rude to turn him down, he was a client, after all and this was business. He’d said so.
“Oh, I think you’ll like it just fine.” Damien sucked a finger into his mouth and let it slip out, wetting his lips. Alec’s cock swelled enthusiastically. He hadn’t fucked since early this morning; this would be a nice evening appetiser. Damien slipped Alec’s jacket off his shoulders and he shrugged out of it. The delicate hands went straight for Alec’s belt and made short work of Alec’s trousers, wriggling them down and exposing Alec’s traitor cock, bouncing for attention. Damien stepped back and stripped slowly. What a show … and the penny dropped. Alec was being set up for something … by someone … but he was too far gone to care.  
Damien slipped back over Alec’s lap and wrapped the tie he’d taken off around Alec’s neck using it to pull him closer. “Tell me how you like it,” he whispered against Alec’s lips. “I can be your angel or your devil. You just let me know.” Alec swallowed hard. Every word slipped down his spine and massaged his balls.
Damien let go of the tie and slipped a condom over Alec’s cock, followed by a swipe of lube neither of which Alec had even seen appear. He lifted off Alec’s lap and wrapped an arm around Alec’s neck, using the other to line up Tab A to insert B. A slow sensual decent followed. Every inch heaven itself. An angel for sure. Damien rested on Alec’s lap, his grin so cheeky. He wrapped his other arm around Alec’s neck and rocked forward, whispering in Alec’s ear. “Brendan and Dylan would like to say a special thank you for allowing them to play with your boy during your recent holiday. They offer this gift as a means of reparation.”
Damien managed to somehow squeeze and pull Alec’s cock at the same time without even moving. “Oh, god,” Alec gasped. “Where did you learn to do that?”
“I have lots of special tricks for you, Alec. Courtesy of your special friends.”
Alec let go, leaving the direction and the details in Damien’s very capable hands. He whimpered occasionally, revelling in the building pressure, the light touch massaging his balls, the occasional lick over his chin. Damn, he was good. Definitely a professional. Alec groaned particularly loudly, rested his head on the back of the chair and let his eyes fall closed.


  1. That was delicious. I miss Alec too.

  2. :)

    It's really difficult keeping it all to myself for the moment. But I really want to be almost finished with Vol 4 before I start posting it.

    But, I admit to having to keep peeking at the bits already finished between working on other things :P

  3. LMAO Man, I can't stop giggling. Sometimes, I love Alec's life. And I'm jealous because I've never received an awesome thank you like that.

  4. *Sigh... I know. Me either. Wouldn't it be fab? Nothing like living through your characters. :)


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