Thursday, 24 January 2013

To blog or not to blog ...

Okay, so I’m being encouraged to change up the blog a bit and make it more of a regular outpouring of thoughts and ideas. Thing is, I’m not sure ‘out’ is the best place for some of the things that go through my head at times. 

Kinks and fetishes aside (*cough), how much of one’s personality should one exude to an online community? Given that certain displays of characteristics are acceptable, or would be if one was cute, funny or a lil quirky (even dry wit and sarcasm can work for those gifted in the arts), where do you draw the line? What about opinions. On real life subjects. On politics, or poverty, or war … freedom of speech, TV shows, movies. What about all that stuff? Does it have a place in the communication between reader and author, and should an author automatically become a blogger?

I toyed with the idea of starting a sister blog for the ‘thoughts’, but then wondered if having a list of blogs is worse than saying the odd thing on one that not everybody wants to read. Followers could, after all, look at the title and decide not to partake of the unfolding morsel of news. 

I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts whether a reader, a blogger, and author, or a bit of all of the above. What do you like to hear about from your favourite authors?

And please, please, help me out – twitter – I just don’t get it. I like to think of myself as reasonably computer savvy. Back in the day, I spent some time installing new software packages and introducing new working routines for a major company so I do know my way around a pc and I’ve been surfing the net for more years than I care to admit both socially, academically, and for work. So, why, oh, why, does the concept of twitter elude me? 

Maybe it’s the social aspect—I’m not naturally a people person. Are you on twitter, and if so, why does it appeal to you?


  1. Well Casey, I tend to agree with the sentiment that thoughts probably shouldn't always be out there. I usually have a morbid imagination and the things that get me wondering tend to gross others out. However, sometimes its good to put things out there. Especially since the stories you post here are M/M it may be a good thing to at least get some thoughts out there but maybe a spoiler alert or something of that variety should precede the thought or rant whatever it may be. This actually brings me to the twitter thing too. It eludes be as well I have a twitter account and I think I've logged into it 1 time in the 3 years I've owned it. I started it because I started a direct sales business and thought it would be a good networking tool but since I'm not exactly a people person and constantly tell everyone I'm "socially awkward" I'm sure you can imagine it didn't work.

    Always like to help as much as I can and I cannot wait for the new stuff to come out! I must say you are one of my favorites!!!


  2. Thanks, Karleen, on all counts.

    It's always great to know there is another person out there enjoy my stuff, and it's nice to know we socailly awkward peeps have a thriving network that kind of works when we let it :)

    I still haven't decided whether to give twitter a shot. It seems like a lot of interference to my daily life. I'm ready to throw my phone across the room after about the thrid text of the day let alone if I keep receiving tweets too.

    That's why I love email and forums. You get to keep in touch, but it's on your own timescale and then you can fully immerse yourself when the social bug bites without snapping someone's head off for the interruption. Not that I'd ever do that of course, no, not me. :P


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