Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thus Endeth Volume Two

I've finally edited and posted up to the end of Volume Two of Alec's adventures.

Kind of unexpected, but a natural break presented itself so i took advantage of it. The next section of Alec's story takes an interesting turn and it's kind of nice to know that's going to have a whole volums of its own to play out in.

Hope you all enjoy it. The full PDF version will be online at GR for Oct 1st to download. After that I'll start posting Volume Three on the blog.

I'd also like to say a special thanks to those of you following on the blog for putting up with the embarrassing typos (!). Editing for the PDF is a humbling experience. I really can't believe so many of them made it through - but I promise, from now on I know how to spell Sebastian and Harrison AND I do know the difference between peel and peal. The shame of it *blushes.

'King' rewrites are next on the agenda. Wish me luck...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Under the WIP

Don't worry, Alec hasn't been sidelined. There is a pause at the moment as I ponder the atmospheric rendering of the next few sections. (I have no idea what that means either).

My time has also been captured by a couple of new WIP's. After finally making the PDF of Unexpected Item available on GR, Kerry and Jay decided to make a come back. I'm not sure if the next section will be a short or a novella but these guys are determined to splash their lives all over my current work space. Stay tuned for that...

The other is an old piece I've rediscovered. I think it was shelved when I moved back to short/novella length. This is a novel. Part of it has disappeared and I'm wondering whether it only moved forward in my head and not on paper, but I'm liking what I have down already and more has been coming. I realise in reading over the initial thoughts for this one that Alec had his birth somewhere in the early scenes. Although the stories are nothing alike, the opening chapter of the novel sees a young guy stuck in a job where he has to use sexual favours to get by. It's one to get lost in...

So that's me and where I'm at.

King Countdown