Wednesday, 2 April 2014

When sometimes, as authors, we just can’t win…and it's okay.

I walked into the pub the other day (I know it sounds like this is going to be a joke of some kind, but bear with me) and caught the tail end of a conversation between two women sat near the bar that made me realise, once and for all, why we should detach ourselves from reviews of our work. 

NB: The conversation is paraphrased and not verbatim—a little creative license, please ;)

Woman 1: “That just wouldn’t happen in real life. I mean, come on, why would anyone write that?”
Woman 2: “I know. I was so angry. I don’t know if I can read the next one.”
Woman 1: “I’ll persevere (with this one), but everyone knows male werewolves don’t go into heat, it’s ridiculous. Next it’ll be sparkling vampires, you wait and see.”
Chorus of giggles. 


I’m wondering whether I need to say more. Perhaps I’m the only one who sees the faulty logic here, but whether I am, or you share my ‘huh?’ moment, the interlude served the purpose of reinforcing the concept that we cannot please everyone. So I am content to carry on breaking the rules and writing the stories the characters want to tell, and the muse relays. Even if only one of those stories finds an appreciative mind in the shape of a reader who rides the same train (of super fantastic) as me then my job is done :D

As authors, let’s celebrate our individual quirks and qualities—that granted, may drive some readers crazy (I'm still deciding whether I'm sorry about that)—and recognize our place in literary history with every word that escapes into the universe from our delectably twisted unique minds.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I will be attending the UK GLBT Fiction Meet in Bristol. If you're going, please come over and say hello so I'm not sat in the corner on my own, twiddling my thumbs. 

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