Thursday, 25 July 2013

It's official - Alec is going to print!

I admit it, I’m excited. Thanks to Leen (big squeezing hugs to you :P), I have just signed a contract for print and ebook rights with CCV to distribute Alec to the German speaking world. Amazing.

Tentative release date, summer 2014. In celebration, I am posting a prologue to Vol 4 written specially for the occasion (and of course to keep you guessing).

I will warn you however, there will be a wait before Vol 4 kicks off in earnest. But the better news is, plans for Alec are changing, and in light of the new publishing deal, Alec will almost certainly be staying on for a Vol 5.

I hope you are all as stoked as I am - really, words fall short at this particular moment.

In other news, part two of the Breaker is coming along nicely. It's longer, more involved, and really peels away at the heart of our Breaker boys and their motives.

So I will leave you to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, the new Alec titbit :D

Casey K

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  1. That was lovely - and tantalising. Ready for more whenever you are :)


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