Monday, 28 May 2012

Happy Birthday, Alec!

Wahey :D I can't believe my serial read has made it to a year old. It's a surprise, firstly that Alec's story is still flowing, and secondly, that people are reading it - thank you, wonderful people - you make me smile :) 

A year. It's flown by as far as real life is concerned and yet I feel as though Alec has been a part of me for much longer. By this time next year, Alec's story will have wrapped up but another serial will take its place. The outlines are just starting to form... 

For now, thank you again, for supporting Alec's story and being brave enough to take on my boys :D


  1. I just found this serial not too long ago and finished book two today--I am looking forward to reading book three and more about Alec and the boys--and the Masters! LOL

  2. Thanks, Holly :D

    Always happy to have another reader in for the long haul on a series :)

    Good to know you're enjoying it.


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