Saturday, 21 January 2012

M/F anyone?

So, I'm sat here thinking about the many MM WIP's I have on the go and waiting for the muse to inspire a keyboard tapdance when my mind drifts off to the long and winding road of my MF collection.

MM is new territory for me, I came to it after a couple of characters in an MF series decided to get jiggy and thought - ooo, this is fun. But I'm wondering whether to shake off a couple of MF WIP's and let them see the light of day. My question to you is, do you read MF romance or just MM?


  1. Personally, I only read M/M but it's your muse - see where it takes you!

  2. Hmm, I might just do that.

    At the moment I only read MM too and since posting earlier today have been caught up in a decidedly MM moment.

    The muse is fickle, but for now it seems he's settling on the side of the boys. Of course, tomorrow is another day... :)

  3. Hello Casey,
    I'm responding to a question about free reads. You posted this on GR and I can't find the post, so I figured I'd pay a visit to your blog!

    I'm just a reader. No writing so far, but I LOVE free books. I don't think anything less of an author who posts a free read. Mostly because there r a million reasons the author or pub listed the book for free.

    I think anyone would simply b ectatic for a chance to read a book for free...

    Btw are you offering??? Is that why you were asking??? Teehee. Me teasing.

    I haven't read any of ur work yet, but I c u have a story in the HSR anthology, so I'll check it out.

    Ok take care,
    Thomas G

  4. Hey, Thomas

    Thanks for the info. At the moment all of my MM work is free. You can find it all listed here and I have a sister blog for a serial read, The Rise of Alec Caldwell(you can download eveything from GR in different formats for eReaders if you prefer).

    As an author predominantly offering free reads at the moment, I was really just wondering how readers view them in general. I've learned not to assume that everyone sees things the way I do.

    I decided the best thing to do was ask the readers. There have been some great responses, all very honest and it's helped me and hopefully a few other authors get an insight into some of GR readers thoughts on the subject.

    Thanks again for your response.

    Casey K


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